Want To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs? Don’t Believe On Some Common Misconceptions

Having bed bugs in the house can be a nightmare for every homeowner. Having itchy welt on the body and dark spots on bed sheet is a clear sign that you have bed bugs in the house. These itchy and small pests are very experts in travelling. They travel in a very smart way through your luggage and attires. They come into the home with you after staying in the hotel and also come with the used furniture that you have purchased.

There are so many people who have these tiny insects in their home and live with them. Many homeowners think these itchy pests are very dangerous, but in reality they are not as dangerous as you think. There are a number of ways to treat them and remove them from your house permanently. In order to get rid of these creatures permanently, it is important do not believe on any myth about them.

  1. They can fly: Many homeowners have doubt that bed bugs can fly. But the truth is something else. These tiny creatures don’t have ability to fly. They don’t have wings, and without wings how they can fly. They are very tiny insects and have six legs. These insects travel through humans and their belongings.
  2. You cannot see them with bared eyes: It is true that it is difficult to see these tiny insects. But you can easily see adult bed bugs with naked eyes. Because these are 3/8 inches long in size and red-brown in color.
  3. You can treat them by yourself: At the present time, there are several sprays and pesticides available in the market. These pesticides are useful to eliminate bed bugs, but the use of them is not a permanent solution. If you really want to remove them and want to never see them again in your home, hire a pest control professional.
  4. Only messy & dirty homes have bed bugs: It is true that some insects like dirty places to live. But it’s not true about blood sucking pests. Because these pests can live anywhere, whether it is clean or dirty place. Bed bugs only looking to feast humans. No matter you have a clean or messy house, they will definitely come to your home.
  5. They spread diseases: There are several pests that are known disease and bacterial vectors and these pests are rodents, cockroaches, and flies. But blood sucking pests do not spread any type of diseases.

These are a few misconceptions about blood sucking insects. If you notice bed bugs in your home, don’t panic. It is good to take help form the bed bug exterminator.