They may be known as bed bugs, but they don’t just live in beds. From carpeting, furniture, clutter, sofas to furniture, all are posh resorts for bed bugs. If you suspect a bed bugs infestation in your Niagara home or business, don’t neglect the problem: Reach out to Niagara Bed Bugs Extermination for immediate help.

Bed Bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate. These uninvited guests multiply faster than you think. Which is why we have adopted the latest bed bugs detection and extermination methods.

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Our Process


If you suspect bed bugs or want to help protect your home against this unwanted intruder, a professional will come and inspect your home thoroughly.

Bed bugs are sneaky little monsters that are difficult to find, but our inspector is trained to pinpoint evidence if they are hanging around in your home. During our first visit, you entire home will be examined, and if required, tools will be used to check cracks and crevices.

We will look for signs of bed bugs including:

  • Alive or dead bed bugs

  • Tiny spots of reddish-black fecal material

  • Eggs found in dark crevices

Bed Bugs Extermination


Eliminating bed bugs is a difficult job and an effective treatment plan is crucial. If you have children, relatives or pets at home with sensitivity to chemicals, heat treatment is the best and widely recommended treatment. It is scientifically proved that bed bugs hate heat and a temperature of over 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

With our Thermal Remediation treatment, you do not have to dispose of your furniture, and there are no residual or lasting effects that could be toxic for your pets and family. Our solutions evenly spread heat throughout your home using special heaters and fans. We uniformly drench the infested area rather than applying heat to only specific surfaces – we don’t want even a single bed bugs to be missed.

Unlike chemical treatments, this treatment will usually eliminate the entire infestation in a single attempt. This method is quick, efficient and allows you to keep your furniture. You can return home with complete peace of mind.


Our professionals can come back periodically to monitor your entire home and help prevent future infestation. If we suspect something new or suspicious, we will investigate. We want to catch any bed bugs activity early and treat it before it develops into a serious infestation.

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