Niagara Bed Bugs Extermination is a company offering bed bugs pest control solutions in St. Catharines, Niagara falls, Welland, Grimsby. Our pest technicians are experienced in helping domestic and commercial sectors to successfully get rid of bed bugs infestations. Our team of dedicated pest control specialists will not only provide a high-quality service but also a guaranteed solution to your problem. Besides delivering the best standards of service and customer care, we also offer bed bugs detection and prevention programs, chemical and non-chemical treatments and post-treatment monitoring.

An experience with bed bugs can be quite unpleasant, especially for people allergic to their bites. Being such a stubborn pest to fully eradicate, we strongly recommend that you only call a professional exterminator if these blood-sucking monsters have invaded your place. Our friendly staff is always available to provide you a free quotation and helpful tips about detecting bed bugs, treating bed bugs bites and symptoms. Niagara Bed Bugs Extermination is providing a 24-hour emergency service. We offer flexible pricing depending on the size of the rooms and the level of infestation.

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We are locally owned and operated company – meaning we can quickly and confidently eliminate the pest infestation in your home or business. We offer safe pest control services for residential and commercial properties as well as industries in Niagara. Getting rid of pests can be difficult. There is no magic wand which can eradicate these blood-sucking insects. Control of bed bugs works in the following manner:

Inspection: The primary step in any bed bugs control program is a thorough inspection of the entire home. The time taken in the inspection depends upon the in amount of furnishings and size of infested area as well as the adjoining areas.

Treatment: The pricing of the treatment will depend on the size of the area to be treated as well as the kind of treatment required. There are many possibilities, and making a blanket statement about the cost to eliminate bed bugs is impossible. The conditions are different for each property, and so are the problems. The quotes and estimates for the cost of bed bugs extermination are best done after an inspection by a pest specialist.

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Each and every year these little creepy insects are getting more resistant to the chemicals used to eliminate them. Our bed bugs hunters have been thoroughly trained and taught proven techniques as well as some unconventional methods that always work against these pests.

Call our professionals at Niagara Bed Bugs Extermination and request an appointment. A highly trained and bed bugs-qualified specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your premises. After completing the inspection and assessing the situation, the specialist will recommend a customized solution to help you get rid of your bed bugs problem, which will include costs and guarantees.

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