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Bed Bugs

Niagara Bed Bugs Extermination is on the cutting edge of exterminating bugs. We understand how stressful it can get for property owners dealing with bed bugs infestations and that is why we offer effective bed bugs treatments in St. Catharines, Niagara falls, Welland, Grimsby. Our proven treatment and control methods and follow up care is here to ensure that bed bugs problems are eliminated completely from homes and businesses in our region.

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What are these bed bugs anyway?

Bed bugs are rust-colored, wingless insects, about the size of a sesame seed as adults. In their developing stage, their color ranges from clear to bright red, and measure just over 1mm – hardly visible to the naked eye. They move very quickly and swarm in groups in all the hiding places they can find.

Bed bugs are blood-feeding insects. Although they prefer a human host, they can also prey on small animals such as rodents and house pets. The anxiety about being bitten can cause sleeplessness, and other psychological disturbances in some people.

Bed bugs can enter your home without warning. From carpeting, furniture, bed frames to nooks and crannies of mattresses, they will find their paradise almost anywhere. These creepy little monsters are most active when we sleep. They inject a mild anesthetic on an exposed human skin and suck up a small amount of blood. Their bite cannot be felt, but their invasion can be seen through red splotches and bumps on the skin the next morning. Unfortunately, getting rid of the infested bed parts and furniture won’t remedy the situation.

Bed bugs are infesting:

  • Homes

  • Condos

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

  • Theaters

  • Hotels

  • Other Commercial Facilities

Bed bugs can be found in a various places, such as:

  • On bedding

  • In the cracks and upholstery of furniture

  • Behind electrical outlets and light switches

  • Inside mattresses and box springs

  • Along the seams

  • Between flooring and under carpeting

Let us Help You

Bed bugs infestations are not something to be neglected and professional extermination services should be hired from the very first time you spot a rash on your skin. Give Niagara Bed Bugs Extermination a call for effective bed bugs services. Our practical knowledge and hands on approach for bed bugs removal in Niagara are unparalleled in the local industry.

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