How To Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs During Hotel Stay?

No matter, you have booked a luxury or a 3-star hotel for your night stay during the business trip, you are at an equal risk of facing a bed bug bite. To prevent being falling victim to a bug invasion, it’s advised to remain fully prepared to tackle these blood suckers. While booking a hotel room, do inspect it properly for any signs of bed bugs. If they exist, never ever risk staying there.

Some tips to remain safe from bed bugs in hotels are:

  • Check the mattress & linens
    Before selecting a hotel for your stay, do check its online reviews. After you are done, get ready for your check in. Tell the manager that you want to have a visual inspection of the room. Check the bedding, mattress, and linens for any signs of bed bug infestation. If there are dried blood spots, skin shedding, and any other signs, this means the room is having bed bugs.
  • Protect your luggage
    Bed bugs are absolute travelers, i.e. they can ideally climb over your belongings, luggage, and suitcase. To prevent any risk of bringing them home, try not to put your luggage or belongings directly over the floor or bed. Purchase a seal tight plastic bag and pack your suitcase inside it. This will prevent the bugs from crawling over your luggage.
  • Use bed bug sprays
    Whenever you are going out for a trip, make sure you carry a bed bug spray with you. It is an ideal way of preventing bugs and other pests. Periodically spray the products over your clothes and luggage to kill down any bugs that might have crawled over your belongings. Once you reach the hotel, use the same spray as a disinfectant against bed bugs. Avoid having a direct body contact with the spray liquid.

These are some of the ways to protect yourself against bed bugs in the hotel. When it comes to blood sucking bugs, safety and precaution should be your foremost priority. To get rid of harmful bed bugs inside your home, office or hotel, feel free to call our bed bug exterminators at Niagara Bed Bugs.