5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs inside your home is not less than a nightmare. These blood sucking pests can ruin the sleep of a homeowner by biting him throughout the night. They are extremely tiny insects that crawl over your bed to hide under the mattress and pillow covers. Since they feed on the human blood for survival, its really important to remove their infestation as soon as possible. This can only be achieved if you are completely aware of the bed bug habits and habitat.

Few things about bed bugs that you might not know are:

  1. They don’t care how clean or rich you are
    Most people believe that bugs are pesky insects that are limited only to dirty and cluttered places, but this is not true at all. These insects can invade almost every space inside or outside your property. All that matters to them is population. The area that is densely populated by humans is on a higher risk for bed bug infestation.
  2. They can live on any piece of furniture
    Being called bed bugs doesn’t mean that these pests are found only on the beds. Instead, these unwanted bugs can live in and on any furniture, suitcase, mattress, sofas, switch outlets, wall crevices or even cracks.
  3. They don’t stick to human bodies
    Unlike lice and ticks that hang around human hairs and love to reside there only, bed bug behavior is a lot different. Though these pests feed on human blood, they don’t remain attached to their body and hair. Bugs are unable to tolerate heat emitted by body and clothes. This is the reason why they bite humans and shed off when their stomach is full.
  4. They can bite at any time of the day
    Bed bugs often follow a nocturnal behavior which means that they generally come out at night for feeding on their prey. In some rare cases, where the prey is not available at night, these insects can override them during the daylight.
  5. They don’t transmit diseases
    Though these pests are responsible for causing itchy bites, they can’t be held responsible for spreading diseases and infections. In severe cases, if the bite turns out to become allergic, one may need to seek immediate emergency care.

These are few things about bugs that may not be known to you. If you are facing a bed bug invasion inside your property, don’t hesitate to call our pest exterminators at Niagara Bed Bugs.