A Quick 5 Step Guide To Ensure

Presence of bed bugs in hotels can be disastrous. No matter how often you travel, if you ever go and check-in into a hotel, you must always do your little inspection and while this inspection will only take few minutes, it can be extremely helpful in the long run.

The purpose of your check must pertain to any signs of bed bugs like reddish-brown stains, moulted skins and egg clusters.

Another word of caution before getting started with this guide is that you should not lay on the floor or across the bed until and unless you think everything is clear. This way you can ensure that you don’t catch bed bugs on your clothes.

Let’s get started with these simple instructions.

  1. Begin your inspection with your bed. Pull out the comforter, the quilt and the top sheet back. Look for any kinds of black marks which is basically bed bug excrement on or along the bedding. Also search for other sort of marks that resemble blood stain. However, chances of finding those are little because bed linens in hotels are changed frequently.
  2. Shift your focus on the mattress now. Pull back the bed’s bottom sheet and then thoroughly check the mattress cover for similar marks. Linens are changed every now and then, however, the mattress covers are not and so if there is anything out there, you will definitely find it here. You should then check the mattress itself for stains, bugs, or their eggs.
  3. Next, check the bed-box itself and since you won’t be able to lift the bed, so you’ll simply have to crouch on your knees to see what’s present down there. Check the underside of the bed near the bed’s rails or its frame. Since you might end up finding actual bugs in this area, so check carefully. Using a mirror and a flashlight can simplify things to a greater extent.
  4. Don’t miss out on things that surround the bed like the bed’s frame including its headboard and footboard. You should also look around the nightstand. Check through drawers, cracks and holes and the lamp, radio, clock, phone or anything that’s present on or near the nightstand. Try using a flashlight and a mirror here as well so as to make things easier.
  5. Check all places present even if they are farther from the bed like window drapes and any sort of furniture like couches and dressers. In order to inspect couches take a close look on the seams and pillows and turn over the cushions for a better look. For chairs, carefully inspect its frame and feet

Making this check a custom whenever you check-in a hotel room can eventually help you save tremendous amount of hassle and money that you otherwise would have spent on bed bug extermination. In case you do find anything suspicious, report to the authorities immediately and ask them for a room replacement at all costs. We, at Niagara Bed Bugs, are Niagara’s biggest bed bug extermination company. Our experienced bed bug experts have helped various home and business owners to get rid of these pesky creatures for once and for all. Reach out to us anytime to get a quote.