3 Health Risks & Dangers Caused By Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are pesky insects that are found almost everywhere. These blood suckers are extremely harmful as they feed on human blood. Their bites cause itching and rashes that can deteriorate the comfort and peace of mind of a homeowner. People often believe that bed bugs invade a home that is unclean and cluttered. This belief is completely wrong as bugs can reside anywhere, no matter it’s a hotel, home, hospital, park or any other place.

With bed bug infestation on a constant rise, it’s important for each of us to have proper knowledge about the harmful effects caused by bugs. Though they certainly cause rashes and itches, prolonged exposure to bug bites can further lead to serious skin ailments, allergies and breathing disorders. These nasty pests cause painful bites and are quite impossible to get rid of, once they invade your property.

Some of the health risks associated with bed bugs are:

  1. Painful Bites: Bed bugs bite humans to feed on their blood. They get attached to the human skin and suck blood, until they become full. Though the bites are less painful, the impact of pain and after bite consequences varies from person to person. Some of the homeowners fell a slight discomfort, while others may get serious hives, rashes and irritation. Many of them may also suffer allergic reactions like swelling and redness.
  2. Infection Risks: If a bed bug outbreak occurs, an individual will be subjected to an onslaught of uncountable bites. These bites not only cause discomfort, but can also result in excessive itching that may result in wounds and skin disruptions. By constantly scratching the area, a wound can become worse that can further lead to a severe skin infection.
  3. Respiratory Issues: Bed bugs multiply themselves at a tremendous rate that can soon cause a bed bug outbreak. It doesn’t take much time for a bug to form an entire colony inside your bedroom. With their growth, these pests often shed their skin, leave waste and other egg particles behind. These particles can mix up in air and interfere with the respiratory tract of an individual, thereby resulting in various respiratory issues.

These are the few health dangers associated with a bed bug bite. If you are stressed with bed bug outbreak inside your home, call in our Niagara Bed Bug experts for pest control and removal service.